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A while ago I set a friend of mine a challenge. I stumbled across it in my notes a moment ago, and I thought it might be interesting to see what the rest of you make of it. Who knows, if it goes well, perhaps I'll do more of them? To enter, I dunno... post the story on your LJ, a website, or maybe just email it to me. Whichever's easiest. Then I'll collect the links in one LJ post and put it to a vote. Winner gets to buy themselves a bar of chocolate.

Title: Through A Lens

Protagonist: Photographer (or photojournalist)

Primary setting: 19th-century mansion in rural England or New Hampshire

Genre: Horror or ghost story, possibly comic

Twist: One or more of the following:
- A cross into an alternate reality (see Silent Hill’s foggy world)
- A submerged building
- A demon
- A significant scene involving the moon
- A piano that plays itself

Word count: 5,000-10,000

Bonus lines:
- “All right, back a bit... to the right... that’s fine, hold it there...”
- "Merry Christmas, jackass."
- "Honestly, I'd be more scared of a headless monkey."
- "Well, who *are* you gonna call?"

Deadline: Midnight, Dec 31 2008

Opening line: “He steered his Range Rover in through the wrought-iron gates, holding his camera out through the window as he drove.”


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