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(Copied from my post on the DWCon 2008 community LJ.)

Long story short: the Con ended much too quickly, people getting withdrawal, and I like barbecue.

After some back-and-forth here on the DWCon 08 LJ community1 and on AFP2, here's what I've come up with:

WHO: Perhaps a dozen or so Discworld fans

WHAT: Hogswatch barbecue and bonfire weekend

WHEN: Weekend of the 13th of December, barbecue on the Saturday afternoon/evening. If anyone wants to arrive on the Friday, that's no problem, and I'll point you at your choice of a good chippie, a good pizzeria, a good cheap pub or a good not-quite-as-cheap pub.

WHERE: My place, near Kirkcudbright, SW Scotland

CRASH SPACE: 3 rooms in cottage (there's a living room there too, but since it's the main route through to the kitchen and bathroom it's probably not ideal for kip). I'm going over to measure it in the next day or two to see whether each room can take four or five camp beds. I'll *try* to provide camp beds. When the spaces are gone, they're gone, unless people are happy to shuffle up a bit.
If more people want to come than I can fit in the cottage - well, I'll be bloody impressed by attendance, for a start, and there's a very nice (and quite cheap) hotel down in the village.

FOOD: I'll try to stock up on burgers, bacon, venison, duck, Irn-Bru and whatever as budget permits, but it's well worth bringing a stash of your own just in case.

STUFF TO DO: Apart from the bonfire and barbecue, if there's any time left over at either end there's plenty to see in the area. Sulwath brewery tours, Bladnoch distillery tours, castles, Cream O' Galloway ice cream factory tours, Wigtown and its bookshops...

PARKING: There's space for probably four or five extra cars in the drive; I'll get the strimmer out and clear some space in the paddock for parking if we need more space.

PLANNING: I need to know who's coming, so let me know by email (perry_awm at hotmail dot com) - I need to know your email address so I can send you directions. I need to know number of people, number of cars and when you'll be arriving. As long as I know at least a week beforehand it'll be fine, but obviously I might be out of crash space by then.

STUFF TO BRING: It's December in Scotland; mild, but chilly at night. Bring a coat; non-flammable, if you're likely to be getting near the bonfire. Sandals probably aren't a good idea. Sleeping bag. If you want to bring things like Twister, Thud, Walk The Walk kit, feel free.



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