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Well, finally getting round to watching the opening of the Eurovision. Malmö this year. Off we go.

Quite a lengthy intro sequence, but with some rather good CG. New Eurovision anthem not so impressive, flag parade seems a bit pretentious, not to mention interminable.

Petra Mede, of whom I should apparently have heard... She's allegedly funny, but I'll be the judge of that.

1: FRANCE - L'enfer Et Moi ()
Nice big punchy number. Has something of the late 90s power ballad about it, not bad at all. A promising start, but I don't think it's a winner.

2: LITHUANIA - Something ()
It does sound, if I can use a poorly-defined descriptor, like a Eurovision song. But I don't like it, and the singer's very broad accent makes it quite irritating. And naming your shoes is just silly.

Ye gods, does this song never end?

3: MOLDOVA - O Mie ()
That's some spectacular hair. Impressive dress, too, which doubles as a projection screen. Movie night?

Effectively slow build when the skirt starts to lift her. A visually very arresting performance, and musically certainly decent, but it doesn't really stand out.

4: FINLAND - Marry Me ()
Apparently this was written as a hint to her boyfriend. Subtle.

It's certainly catchy, with a degree of energy and cheerfulness that's a very pleasant change from a lot of modern music. I don't think it's a winner, though (even knowing who won, of course) - it's not that it's too mad (that worked well for Finland a few years ago, after all), it just seems a bit of a niche topic.

NORTON: "That car engine you hear? Yeah. That's her boyfriend's taxi. And he's getting in it, and driving 'til it runs out of petrol."

5: SPAIN - Contigo Hasta El Final ()
Ah yes. Traditional Spanish bagpipes. Hispania goes Hibernia, it seems.

Don't like this singer - she's one of those who wavers constantly about, approaching the note only to veer off and kill a bystander. Don't like the song, either, but they get a consolation point for actually having musical instruments on stage with them, even if they're going playback. And in fairness, it does pick up significantly later on, but just goes on too long.

6: BELGIUM - Love Kills ()
Breathy voice, "I'm deep, honest" performance. Atrocious choreography, as promised, by a couple of completely irrelevant pseudo-breakdancing women in little black dresses. Not a patch on Sergio with Sister some years back.

NORTON: "If love doesn't kill us, the choreography will. It is woeful."

Maybe they've hired that imbecile who does all the choreography in Sweden.

7: ESTONIA- Et Uus Saaks Alguse (Birgit)
Black and white - that eternal shorthand for "this is artistic now". Very pleasant voice, though, and refreshingly lacking in stage histrionics. Not a bad effort at all, and I wouldn't turn it off if it came on the radio, but there's something missing to give it that extra bit of oomph.

8: BELARUS - Solayoh (Alyona Lanskaya)
It's a giant disco ball. That's proper Eurovision kitsch right there. Musically it's reminiscent of Wild Dances from a few years back, with more than a hint of Shakira. I'd be surprised if this doesn't at least pick up a decent haul of points.

Nice flame effects too.

And there we go, my LJ Eurovision coverage all up to date. And the Maltese entry, while still inoffensive, still hasn't grown on me.

My main concern, though, is that the snark's gone! Wogan was always commenting and snarking, and when Graham Norton took over he did much the same. This year, it's just the occasional remark... no, not right at all.


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