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Aug. 3rd, 2011 10:40 am
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It seems Blizzard want to give me a flying mount for the WoW account I don't have. Which is nice. But I just have a sneaking suspicion that it might not be real...

It starts out well enough:


When you take to the skies astride a blazing, eagle-winged lion, your comrades will know you mean business. Serious business. So saddle up, because this flying mount will travel as fast as your riding skill will take you, and it can even travel at 310% speed if you have at least one other 310% speed mount.

Once activated, this World of Warcraft in-game pet key applies to all present and future characters on a single World of Warcraft license.

But then it seems to have been written by someone... less literate. (Don't click either of the links, by the way. Even if LJ decides to make them clickable again.)

we will be complimentary seat to the 5,000 players. You can log Web site application, we will be lucky players randomly.
Please click this link to apply


If your account passes the check successfully, we will send a code for the Winged Guardian flying mount to you in the form of e-mail.

The World of Warcraft Support Team
Blizzard Entertainment

Now, the real kicker is the link. As they so often do, the link they show isn't the one that goes to the browser:


So I get a badly faked email with an obvious dodgy link for a WoW account I don't have. I don't know about you, but I find that convincing. :-)
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